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One key aspect of my work was the creation of a new color palette that authentically captures the essence of the coffee and cocoa industry. The carefully selected colors evoke a sense of quality, trust, and professionalism, ensuring that Progreso’s brand image resonates with its target audience.

Additionally, I focused on improving the website’s user experience (UX) by redesigning its layout for better usability and information organization. The goal was to create a visually appealing and intuitive website that enables visitors to navigate seamlessly and gain a comprehensive understanding of Progreso’s valuable services.

Through my design contributions, I aimed to align Progreso’s visual presentation with its mission of supporting coffee and cocoa producers on their journey to becoming successful businesses. By enhancing the brand’s aesthetic appeal and improving the website’s functionality, I sought to contribute to Progreso’s overall growth and impact in the industry.


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Rebranding, new digital color pallet and typography

Adobe Illustrator 2020
Adobe After effects 2020
Adobe Photoshop 2020
WordPress 5.6
Elementor 3.0.15

Thamar MartinĀ 

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Logo – Branding – Website – Onderhoud


Logo – Branding – Website – Onderhoud