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Schmitz Furniture craftsman & Designer 

Remco Schmitz – Crafting Timeless Furniture Designs

Remco Schmitz is a skilled furniture craftsman and designer, renowned for his expertise in creating top-notch furniture, kitchens, and bathroom pieces. His clients include architectural firms and individuals who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship.

His brand, “Schmitz,” features a minimalist logo that mirrors the simplicity and elegance of his designs. This new visual identity embodies the secure character and taste associated with Schmitz’s creations. Consistent across letterheads, websites, and business cards, this aesthetic provides a modern and cohesive look. Keep an eye out for the upcoming website, showcasing Remco Schmitz’s exceptional creations.

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The logo boasts a bold and elegant design, with the letters “S” and “Z” at the forefront, gradually diminishing towards the ends. It exudes a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, capturing the careful craftsmanship of Remco Schmitz. The design strikes a fine balance between boldness and simplicity, embodying the essence of his work.

Projects featured on business cards, the website, and social platforms are uniquely identified with locations such as “Aan de gracht,” “Aan het water,” and “Op de heuvel.” This not only denotes project locations but also highlights Schmitz’s acute awareness of spatial contexts, emphasizing the integration of his creations within specific environments.

In the brand identity, a focus on “full concentration” ensures a seamless interplay of visuals, designs, and typography. This approach reflects Schmitz’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing his work to stand out in the foreground while seamlessly blending into its surroundings, creating a harmonious brand experience.

Work is in progress, will be updated soon- Thursday 07 March 2024