Rebranding Project: Elevating a Premium African-Inspired Fashion Brand

The brand approached me with a challenge: they felt that their current brand image did not sufficiently convey the premium quality and unique cultural inspiration behind their products. They needed a comprehensive rebrand to elevate their image and better reflect the luxurious, African-inspired nature of their fashion collections.


The main objective was to reimagine the brand’s identity to highlight its premium status while celebrating its vibrant African roots and its positive impact on the environment and local communities. This involved a detailed review and enhancement of various brand elements, including colors, photography, typography, and website design.


I selected a rich and vibrant color palette that evokes the beauty and diversity of African landscapes. This palette included deep, earthy tones complemented by bold, tropical hues to create a sense of luxury and warmth.

The photography was revamped to focus on high-quality, emotive imagery that tells a story. We aimed to capture the essence of African culture and the intricate craftsmanship of the fashion pieces. This involved using professional models and settings that reflect the brand’s ethos.

The typography was updated to a sophisticated and modern typeface that exudes elegance. This new typeface was chosen to ensure readability while adding a touch of class and refinement to all brand communications.

Website Design:
The website was redesigned to provide an immersive and user-friendly experience. The new design features seamless navigation, engaging visuals, and compelling storytelling to keep customers connected with the brand. Special attention was given to creating a visually appealing layout that showcases the products in a premium light.

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity redesign
Creative Concept 
Digital Design


After Effects 
AI photo generation