Project Overview:
December 2023

Revolutionizing Self-Care with Dove’s Therapeutic Products

As the main responsible for Dove Therapy’s store takeover, I led a transformative campaign to introduce Dove’s new therapeutic products to the market. The project included the design and installation of vibrant and eye-catching visuals, including floor stickers, new meters, and totems, strategically placed within the store.

Design Elements: Elevating the In-Store Experience

Floor Sticker: A visually stunning floor sticker near the entrance, featuring soothing colors and captivating imagery, serves as a welcoming introduction to Dove Therapy’s innovative products. The design encourages shoppers to explore the new therapeutic offerings as part of their self-care journey.

New Meter: The addition of a new meter strategically placed in a high-traffic area provides an interactive element. It showcases Dove Therapy’s product range, allowing customers to explore and engage with the transformative benefits of the offerings.

Totem: The totem, a vertical display near the product section, acts as a focal point. It not only highlights key features of Dove Therapy but also offers informative content, educating customers about the therapeutic qualities and the brand’s commitment to self-care.

Launch Atmosphere: Creating Buzz and Excitement

To enhance the launch experience, the store takeover embraces a harmonious color palette, aligning with Dove Therapy’s brand identity. Soft and calming tones evoke a sense of tranquility, encouraging customers to indulge in a therapeutic shopping experience.

Customer Engagement: Connecting with the Audience

Interactive elements, such as QR codes linked to exclusive content or promotions, are strategically placed. These engage customers, providing them with additional information about Dove Therapy and encouraging participation in the launch celebration.

Messaging: Empowering Self-Care

The messaging throughout the store takeover emphasizes the empowering nature of self-care. Slogans like “Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul” echo the brand’s commitment to holistic well-being, reinforcing Dove Therapy as a go-to destination for transformative self-care products.